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About the project

iVisa is a combined product of companies LLC "iVisa" and TravelLine. The goal of this on-line project is to help you in getting touristic invitations, which foreign citizens need to get a Russian visa.

The main advantage of iVisa is that it's very simple and practical to use. You need not more than 5 minutes and just 4 steps to get a visa invitation. You must give just the most important information to make up the documents.

This Internet-service is especially usefull for the following users:

  • tour-operators and travel agencies expand their client´s base and make the process of giving visa invitations automatic;
  • hotels and big companies get the opportunity to make invitations for their guests and business partners;
  • private citizens get a simple and purposeful service, which makes their entrance to Russia easier.

Actually iVisa helps different business partners to find each other.
TravelLine сompany, which is the technical partner and developer of the software component of iVisa, works in Russian touristical business since 2009. Among its products there is also the hotels- and health resorts- on-line booking system, which is specifically used by domestic accommodation facilitites.

Simple steps


information about the guests


by credit card


visa invitation.

The package of documents required for obtaining a Russian visa consists of an invitation from the hosting side and a voucher for the provision of travel services.

What is a visa invitation?

According to the law, citizens of the most countries in the world must have a special document for getting a visa – a visa invitation.

Who has the right to give invitations?

Invitations can be given by Russian tour operators or hotels, which have been registered in MFA of Russia and which have their own touristical reference number.

How can you use iVisa?

If you place iVisa reservation form on the homepage of your company, Internet-users will be able to order invitations without your participation.