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For corporative clients

With iVisa website you can make visa invitations for foreign partners without the help of travel agencies and state control offices. With this automatic Internet service you can get necessary documents after you have filled an easy form and paid your order by credit card.

State borders don't disturb your business seriously anymore.

Big companies with business-contacts abroad often should make invitations for foreign citizens. So hosts should apply to the travel agencies or state agencies, which specialize on visa invitations. Both ways are inconvenient and connected with waste of money and time.

iVisa spares you from big problems connected with invitations for your foreign guests. You don't have to wait for the beginning of the week or of the day as the Internet-service is at any time available to make necessary number of visa invitations. You need not more than 5 minutes for the whole process from the beginning of registration till getting your documents.

What is a visa invitation?

According to the law, citizens of the most countries in the world must have a special document for getting a visa – a visa invitation.

Who has the right to give invitations?

Invitations can be given by Russian tour operators or hotels, which have been registered in MFA of Russia and which have their own touristical reference number.

How can you use iVisa?

If you place iVisa reservation form on the homepage of your company, Internet-users will be able to order invitations without your participation.